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In Nepal, hardly 28% of the fifth-graders understand mathematical concepts and 32% don’t even learn 5% of their course till grade 5.

We are working to make sure the kids are learning when they go to school.

Join The Classroom

As a member of The Classroom, 100% of your monthly donation will go directly towards our initiative that helps kids learn. Your donation will primarily be used to fund remedial education course in the public schools of Nepal. Courses help struggling students in grades 3-5 learn how to read, write, and do maths.

As a Classroom member, you will be receiving a monthly newsletter with impact stories from the field. The newsletter will have the stories of our kids, our fellows, our team, and the project updates.

What do we do?

We believe that any child, regardless of how academically proficient they are, should have enough opportunities to learn and grow. This means that even those who fall behind in studies should have the resources and opportunities to progress. 

We work in public schools at the primary level. The students we work with, struggle in their studies but have the potential to catch up if given proper support and guidance. Catching up on studies on time will prevent them from dropping out of school. We teach them foundational skills in Math and Nepali so they can catch up and stay in school with a strong academic foundation. 

Our programs employ child-friendly activities to support interest and facilitate learning inside the classroom and through distance learning interventions. We work with local youths and teachers to deliver the courses. Our approach to improving learning outcomes continues to serve as a model, to build foundational literacy and numeracy skills among the students.

Why Education?

Today, more kids and youth are in school than ever before. Yet 617 million – 1 in 3 – can’t read or do basic math. The World Bank calls the enormous lack of learning in school systems in low-income countries around the world the global learning crisis.

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